From student to professional to retiree, your life changes … but you are still you. The Self-Directed Search can help you find a career and a future you love—no matter your age or stage of life.

How the Self-Directed Search works

A quick online test, the Self-Directed Search asks you what you like and what you don’t, has you rate several jobs that you like, and finds out how well you think you can do certain things.

Using this information, it generates a three-letter Summary Code that tells you about your personality type. This code is matched to jobs on the O*NET that require traits that match your personality type.

Your interactive Self-Directed Search report generates after you complete the test. It explains your Summary Code in detail and lists jobs and programs of study that match. It links to more information about matching educational programs, jobs and job openings in your area, salary data, and much more so you can dig deeper and explore a variety of educational and occupational  options.

Ready for a change? – Find a new career.

Students – Find out which program of study will help you find the career of your dreams.

Parents – Help your child prepare for life after high school or college.

Veterans – Find a post-military career you’ll love.

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