Your personality may not change, but your likes and dislikes, competencies, and abilities may. The SDS can help you find a new career path at any stage of life. If you are in need of a change, start here!

The tool to take your career in a new direction

Making the decision to change careers isn’t one you take lightly—and you don’t want to move from one unsatisfactory job straight into another. Make sure you’re making the right move with the Self Directed Search. The SDS is the most widely used career interest inventory in the world and has helped millions of people find job satisfaction.

The SDS provides you with a customized Summary Code that reflects your self-reported skills and interests and corresponds with a list of occupations matched to those characteristics. Plus, it produces an Aspirations Summary Code—a customized code based on the occupations you dream about most.

Knowing your SDS Summary Code can open doors to dream jobs and jobs you never knew existed. Plus, the SDS interactive report gives you the tools you need to dig deeper and learn more about educational requirements and salaries—and it even provides links to open jobs in your area.


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