High school and college students often have big dreams for their futures. Your guidance along the way can help them make important decisions. The Self-Directed Search provides information that will help you help them.

Graduates and college students still need your guidance

Though students sometimes think they have it all figured out, sometimes they still need you to step in and offer guidance. Encouraging them to take the SDS will help them to identify a course of study and future career that aligns with their personality–so you can be sure they’re on the right path to a fitting future.  

The personalized SDS interactive report helps students explore educational programs of study that match their personality type (and links directly to schools that offer those programs) to help them start college with clear direction about their major. The report also includes a personalized occupational list that can be filtered by required education, Holland code, career cluster, and job outlook and includes real-time salary data along with specific job openings in their area.  

Additional Resources

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